Get Active: 101 Ways to Get Active in NL


1. Walk the dog around the block.
2. Go to the local playground with your kids or grandkids.
3. Play soccer in the backyard.
4. Play tag with the kids.
5. Shoot some hoops with the kids in the driveway.
6. Count your steps to 10,000 daily.
7. Go fishing during the recreational fishery.
8. Take a walking tour of a historic town like Brigus.
9. Go pick the blueberries, raspberries, partridgeberries, and bakeapples that are plentiful in this province.
10. Park your car further away from your destination.
11. Go on a haunted hike during Halloween if it’s available in your community.
12. Take the family bowling, and make it a friendly competition!
13. Ask a friend to try squash with you.
14. Teach children the games you played as a child – hopscotch, tag, Red Rover, Mother May I, Kick the Can, etc…
15. Get involved in Geocaching as a fun adventure on local hikes….you never know what you will find! Remember to leave a treasure behind.
16. Ride a bike as a mode of transportation.
17. Join a gym with some friends.
18. Try some martial arts.
19 Do more housework daily.
20. Get gardening in your own backyard and grow something beautiful.
21. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
22. Play with your kids….try a game of hide and seek!
23. Maybe a little yoga would be more your style.
24. Snowshoe your local trails and see how beautiful this province looks in winter.
25. Catch some capelin during capelin season! Wear your rubber boots and jump in – the kids will love it!
26. Find some flat rocks and skip them on the ocean. How many can you do?
27. Play jacks and marbles.
28. Remember pitching pennies?
29. Discover the game of Tiddly and have a community tournament.
30. Go skipping.
31. Dance an old fashioned waltz at the local time.
32. Move and groove anytime you get a moment….it’s fun!
33. Go to The Rooms and enjoy a walking tour of this province’s fine art.
34. Take in the local festivals and enjoy a “scuff.”
35. Play badminton.
36. Try some active video gaming and see how you compete with others.
37. Instead of snacking at night, exercise and stretch during the commercials of your favorite shows.
38. Go mummering during the festive season.
39. Join the softball league in your area.
40. Cross country ski or down hill ski.
41. Go for a hike on the Discovery Trail and the many other splendid trails in Newfoundland and Labrador.
42. Do a walk for a cause. Join a movement to make a difference.
43. Learn to step dance or square dance at your local hall and community events.
44. Stand more and sit less during a desk job at the office.
45. Take time to stretch every day.
46. Build a snowman family.
47. Go sledding and have a marshmallow roast.
48. Make a snow fort. Remember to build it safely.
49. Enter an ice sculpture competition at a winter carnival!
50. Plan and participate in a ball hockey tournament in your local area.
51. Dry your clothes on a clothesline.
52. Start a mall walkers’ club, or get involved in one that already exists.
53. Check out the local facilities where you can take part in physical activity. Find something that interests you.
54. Join the bowling league.
55. Go swimming in your local swimming hole or at your local pool.
56. Take a physical activity vacation.
57. Window shop in historic downtown St. John’s.
58. Rake leaves in the fall, and clean out your gutters.
59. Attend a Ticker Tom event this summer. The motto of this Eastern Health mascot is “Eat Healthy, Be Active and Stay Smoke Free.”
60. Row the Regatta – are you up for the challenge?
61. Take on a friendly putting challenge with your friends at your local golf course.
62. Go play a tennis match – make it a family event!
63. Schedule some time to take a walking tour around the numerous lighthouses on our beautiful shores.
64. Get involved in your local community garden.
65. Play 3 on 3 basketball at your local recreation centre.
66. Go for a family skate at your local rink.
67. Play football at an outdoors family night.
68. Frisbee tag is fun at a gathering of friends.
69. Canoe the quiet lakes and enjoy the stillness.
70. Kayak the beautiful oceans and inlets to check out the icebergs in spring.
71. Track the icebergs in your local area, and go for a hike to take in the splendor.
72. Visit your local nature park, and don’t forget to pack a lunch!
73. Go bird watching and see how many puffins you will see.
74. Learn to use a resistance band – it’s great for travel.
75. Use small weights to improve your strength.
76. Mow your lawn.
77. Climb stairs to build endurance and strength.
78. Learn to belly dance; it might be just the thing for some fun.
79. Walk your dog while enjoying the sights.
80. Shovel snow, taking care to follow good form.
81. Attend a local dance and strut your stuff!
82. Go beachcombing along our shores and see what treasures you will find.
83. Join a swim team and enjoy the competition.
84. Water aerobics is a great way to get joints in motion.
85. Play a game of charades for a bit of fun.
86. Play lawn darts or horseshoes in the barbeque weather.
87. Learn to play curling and organize a local tournament.
88. Give back to your community – help build a playground.
89. When you’ve been sitting for too long, stand for awhile and do a few stretches to get your body moving. That 3-minute break will be worth it.
90. Chop firewood for “boil-ups” on your hike.
91. Use a flashlight while you explore the route during an evening walk.
92. Use the trampoline for exciting jumps and thrills.
93. A friendly game of table tennis is fun among friends.
94. Join a dart league.
95. Organize a neighbourhood clean up in your area. You will get exercise while making everything clean and beautiful.
96. Take a beginners’ running class.
97. Spring clean your home to get organized.
98. When the weather is too bad, walk on an indoor track.
99. Participate in a rugby match.
100. For your community festival, organize a community physical activity race with various events.
101. Take part in different types of physical activity every day with your family. Your health will thank you for it!
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