Legislation (laws and policies) for tobacco use and promotion has changed a lot in the past 30 years. These changes have helped to lower smoking and tobacco use. They have also helped make healthier, cleaner public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Newfoundland and Labrador has two pieces of legislation that guide tobacco rules. There are also Federal tobacco laws.

The Smoke-Free Environment Act 2005 (Provincial) (click to expand) »

The Smoke Free Environment Act 2005 details where you can and cannot use tobacco products. This includes rules for indoor and outdoor public spaces.

The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act (Provincial) (click to expand) »

The Tobacco and Vapour Product Control Act says how and where retailers can sell or distribute tobacco products.

The Federal Tobacco Control Strategy (click to expand) »

The Government of Canada has many policies to help lower tobacco use in the country.

Smoke-Free Environments

You cannot smoke in indoor public spaces. The rules for public outdoor spaces depend on the place. Some organizations (like schools and hospitals) have policies that ban smoking anywhere on their property. NL Health Services has a 100% smoke-free policy. That means that smoking is not allowed anywhere on NLHS property, including outside. (Check out the policies for each zone linked in the resource section.)

Many municipalities in NL have a 100% smoke-free outdoor sport and recreation area and events policy. In fact, every town or city in NL with more than 500 people has one!

Communities are safer and healthier when they have smoke-free bylaws. They have lower smoking rates, less toxic litter that can be swallowed by children or pets, and fewer wildfires.

Stopping the use of tobacco in places where children are will help stop children from starting to smoke.

To learn more about how you and your community can move toward a smoke-free policy, visit the NL Alliance for the Control of Tobacco website.

Tobacco and Vaping Reduction Strategy

Newfoundland and Labrador has a provincial Tobacco and Vaping Reduction Strategy. Visit the Alliance for the Control of Tobacco website to learn more!

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Last updated: 2024-01-19