Session #3 – Population Health: Collaboration is Key

In the third session of the Population Health Learning Series, we learned about the value of collaboration, types of partnerships, how to foster valuable partnerships, the basic processes for building partnerships, ways to partner in the future and other concepts that lend itself to a population health approach.

This session focuses on the following:

  • How effective partnerships and collaboration are key to implementing a population health approach.
  • How forming partnerships that aim to improve health outcomes can:
    • allow for the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and expertise,
    • increase resources and capacity,
    • enable partners to share in both risks and benefits.
  • How we currently partner with others, including community groups and organizations, and how we can enhance how we partner in the future.

We also showcase local partnership initiatives that have used a population health approach and use their experiences as a basis for discussion and reflection.

Click here to view the full session recording
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Last updated: 2023-01-10