Healthy Growth

Watching your child grow and develop is such an exciting part of being a parent, but like many parents, you may be wondering if your child is growing well.

Healthy growth looks different for each child, so it is important to not compare your child’s growth to other children of the same age. Children come in a wide range of healthy shapes and sizes. Although your child may be taller or shorter, heavier or lighter than other children of the same age, the important thing is that over time, they follow a regular pattern that is right for them.

What should I do if I am worried about my child’s growth? (click to expand) »

If you are worried about your child’s growth, talk to your health care provider such as your public health nurse. You can also speak with a Registered Dietitian through the Dial-a-Dietitian program.

What things can affect my child’s growth? (click to expand) »

Many things can affect your child’s growth, such as their:

  • Genetics
  • Eating habits
  • Physical activity habits
  • Environment
  • Health problems
How do I know my child is growing well? (click to expand) »

Your health care provider will use a growth chart to track your child’s growth. From this, your health care provider can tell you if things are going well or if you need to make any changes to help your child grow better.

Why is it important to track my child’s growth? (click to expand) »

The way your child grows can say a lot about their health. Growing too fast or too slow can be a sign of problems with your child’s health or nutrition.

It is important to remember that your child’s growth pattern is only one of the many things that your health care provider uses to assess your child’s health. Your health care provider will consider other things such as your child’s overall well-being, environment and genetics.

How can I help my child grow well? (click to expand) »

You play an important role in your child’s growth and development. By teaching your child to enjoy healthy eating and being active, you are helping them develop healthy habits for life. Check out Tips for Raising Kids with Healthy Habits for more information.

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Last updated: 2023-08-18