Sleep Habits – Adult

Check out these tips for sleeping well!

Bedtime Routine (click to expand) »
  • Follow a sleep routine. Try to have the same bedtime and wake-up time each day.
  • Use the evening hours for settling down. Avoid watching television and using electronic devices such as a computer or smartphone in the evening if they keep you from going to sleep at night.
  • Keep your bedroom quiet, dark, and cool. Try using a sleep mask to help you sleep. Take a warm bath before bed.

Physical Activity and Sleep (click to expand) »
  • Move your body to help you sleep. Research shows that physical activity on a regular basis can improve sleep quality and sleep time.  Visit the physical activity page on Hi to get information about the right amount of activity for you.
  • You can be physically active anytime during the day but avoid high intensity physical activity for a couple of hours before bed.

Eating Well and Sleep (click to expand) »
  • Healthy eating habits help to create healthy sleeping habits. Visit our Hi page on healthy eating for more information.
  • Avoid or limit caffeine in the hours before bedtime. It can make it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Avoid spicy foods several hours before bed.

Alcohol, Nicotine, and Medications (click to expand) »
  • Avoid alcohol and nicotine before bedtime. Alcohol can cause you to wake up more often during the night. Nicotine, found in tobacco and vape products can lower sleep quality.
  • Some medications may keep you awake or make you feel hyper or energized before bed. Your doctor can tell you if your medication may do this and if you can take it earlier in the day.

Stress (click to expand) »
  • Stress and anxiety at bedtime may be helped with relaxation activities such as meditation, deep breathing, or yoga.
  • The stress and worry that come with having a child who is not sleeping well may cause you to have sleep problems too. Visit Sleep Habits for Infant, Children, or Teens to help your child improve their sleep.

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Last updated: 2024-03-28