Sexual Health Curriculum Resources, Grades 7-9

A guide for teachers of grades 7-9 to support sexual health and wellbeing curriculum outcomes.

This resource list was created to aid teachers by providing resources that can be paired with the appropriate curriculum outcomes for grades, 7, 8 and 9 under the topic of sexual health and wellbeing – “human sexuality”, as it is stated in the curriculum outcomes.

Sexual Health Resources to support parents can be found under the Student and Families section of the NLESD website. For more information, please contact your local public health nurse.

Grade 7 – Reproductive system, menstrual cycle, puberty, conception (embryo to birth),  sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Grade 8 – Puberty, labor & birth, contraception
Grade 9 – Reproductive anatomy and physiology (male + female, sexual orientation continuum, contraception, teen pregnancy, responsibilities of parenthood, STIs

Female Reproductive System:

  • Time: 10:14
  • This video captures the endocrine glands

Anatomy of Female Reproductive System:

  • Time: 11:21
  • Hand drawn doodle animation video

Male Reproductive System:

  • Time: 10:44
  • This video captures the endocrine glands

Anatomy of Male Reproductive System:

  • Time: 10:58
  • Hand drawn doodle animation video

Male Reproductive System: Function, Organs and Anatomy:

  • Time: 3:56
  • This is less focused on endocrine glands and more anatomy/physiology focused, but short and engaging

How Menstruation Works:

  • Time: 4:11
  • Does include endocrine glands/hormones
  • Gives context to the individual differences among females in menstruation
  • Also includes a lesson with Additional resources

Am I Normal? (Girls and Puberty)

  • Time: 1:56
  • Does not address physiological processes
  • Psychosocial process of puberty and what is “normal”

What Boys Want to Know About Puberty

How Does a Boy’s Voice Change? | Puberty

  • Time: 1:13
  • Physician advice

Ages & Stages of Puberty for Boys | Puberty

  • Time: 1:42
  • Physician advice

Fertilization (Conception)

  • Time: 5:50
  • Explains the scientific process of conception

Am I Ready? Making Healthy Sexual Decisions

  • Time: 24:26
  • Comprehensive Sexual Health Educational video

Eastern Health

Emotional Changes Girls Experience | Puberty

  • Time: 2:08
  • Physician advice

Sexual Feelings that Girls Experience | Puberty

  • Time: 1:57
  • Physician advice

Sexual & Emotional Changes in Boys | Puberty

  • Time: 1:42
  • Physician advice

Reproductive System, Part 4 – Pregnancy & Development

  • Time: 10:44
  • Birth starts ~8:50 min

Let’s Actually Talk About Birth Control

  • Time: 4:49
  • A video showing youth who have questions about birth control; Physicians explaining birth control

Male & Female Condom, Latex Barrier Demonstration Videos

Birth Control Pills

  • Time: 5:58
  • Animation

Eastern Health

Why Pronouns Matter for Trans People

  • Time: 2:29
  • People who are transgender explain the importance of using appropriate pronouns

How We Found Pride Being Trans

  • Time: 2:11
  • Transgender individuals discuss how they found pride within themselves and their community

Eastern Health

The Science of ‘Plan B’ – Emergency Contraception

  • Time 2:46
  • Explains Plan B – Emergency Contraception
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Last updated: 2019-08-22