Parents, Children and Smoking/Vaping

One of the most significant life choices your child will make is to stay smoke and vape-free. As a parent, you are the most important influence in helping your child make this choice.

Children whose parents talk with them about smoking have the best chance of staying smoke and vape-free.

  • Talk to your child about smoking and vaping throughout childhood and especially as they move from elementary to junior high to high school.
  • More than one conversation is necessary; have the discussion about smoking and vaping many times and in different places.
  • Point out that nicotine, which is a part of cigarettes and vape products, is what creates the addiction.  Once you start smoking or vaping, it is hard to stop.
  • Ask your child what he or she thinks about smoking and vaping.
  • Discuss peer pressure with your child. Find out if your child has ever felt pushed by friends to do something he or she did not want to do. Help your child practice how to say NO!
  • Be a positive role model.  If you smoke or vape, talk to your child about when and why you started and how it is affecting you now. Children need to understand why you do not want them to smoke or vape.
  • Get family and friends involved to reinforce the smoke and vape-free message.  Make sure that anyone who smokes or vapes does not smoke or vape around your child and does not provide your child with cigarettes or vape products.
  • Make your child’s world smoke and vape-free! Exposure to smoke increases the likelihood that a child will start smoking. There is research that suggests that young people who start vaping, particularly at a young age, may gradually transition into cigarette smokers.
  • Encourage your child to be involved in structured activities and hobbies.
  • Team up with your child’s school and other parents to reinforce your commitment to keep your child and your child’s school smoke and vape-free.

YOU can make the difference.

Services related to this information:

Newfoundland and Labrador Smokers’ Helpline – 1-800-363-5864

811 HealthLine (Newfoundland & Labrador) – Call 811 or 1-888-709-2929 / TTY 1-888-709-3555

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Last updated: 2021-01-04