Swollen Genitals (Vagina, Labia, Penis, Scrotum) (Infants)

Swollen genitals (vagina, labia, penis, scrotum) and enlarged breast tissue are common in newborn infants.

The estrogen level surge that prepares the body for birthing passes through the placenta to the baby. The excess estrogen in the baby’s body causes changes in genital appearance. These estrogen levels start to lower soon after the baby is born.

Swelling in a baby’s vagina and or labia (outer lips of the vagina) will decrease in a couple of weeks. Swelling in a baby’s penis and or scrotum may take a few weeks to months to go away. It is also common to see mucous discharge with streaks of blood from the vagina up to one week after birth.

Newborn infants may have lumps of tissue beneath their nipples, or their nipples might excrete a small amount of milky fluid. This milky fluid will stop, and the breast tissue will shrink on its own during the first few weeks.

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Last updated: 2024-07-03