Vegetables and Fruit

Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits is an important part of a healthy eating pattern and may lower your risk of heart disease.

According to Canada’s Food Guide, a healthy eating pattern works to:

  • Help you feel good
  • Maintain your health & reduce risk of chronic disease
  • Provide vitamins and minerals to meet your nutritional needs

Vegetables and fruits come in many forms, such as fresh, frozen, and canned.

Frozen and canned vegetables and fruits:

  • Are just as nutritious as fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Are a healthy and convenient option
  • Take little time to prepare
  • Often cost less than fresh vegetables and fruits

Canada’s Food Guide recommends:

  • Trying to make half (50%) of your plate vegetables and fruit
  • Including plenty of vegetables and fruits with your meals and snacks
  • Choosing different textures, colours, and shapes to fit your taste

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Last updated: 2024-01-09