Children’s Weight

When it comes to children’s weight, we hear about increasing rates of childhood overweight and obesity and the health concerns of childhood obesity.  This can make parents concerned that their child may not be growing well and could become overweight or obese.

Children come in all shapes and sizes – some are tall, some are short, some are big, and some are small.  The important thing is that they are growing and are healthy.

Each child has their own pattern of growth that is right for them.  When you take your child for appointments with a Public Health Nurse or your doctor, your child’s height and weight will be recorded on their growth chart.

The growth chart will show your child’s pattern of growth.  You and your health care professional can see if your child is following a consistent pattern of growth, and not growing too slowly or too fast.

If your child’s growth chart shows that they are growing too slowly or too fast and this continues over time, this may signal a problem.

Your health care professional will assess various factors such as your child’s eating and activity habits, parental height, and any chronic illnesses.

Whatever your child’s shape and size, all children need the opportunity to eat healthy, be active and feel good about themselves.

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Last updated: 2019-04-09