Meal Planning

Healthy eating is important for your health and planning your meals and snacks can help make healthy eating easier.

Meal planning is about deciding what meals you are going to prepare, making a grocery list, buying the items you need, and cooking.

Planning meals using Canada’s Food Guide helps you:

  • get the food and nutrients you need;
  • eat a variety of foods throughout the day and the week;
  • cut down on trips to the grocery store, therefore saving you time and money;
  • reduce the amount of food you throw in the garbage and;
  • reduce the last-minute stress of deciding what is for dinner.

Quick tips you can use when meal planning:

  • Choose meals and recipes and keep all recipes close at hand (e.g. in binder, on your phone, etc.);
  • Create a schedule with the meals and recipes you choose. When you have less time, make meals that are quicker and simpler to prepare;
  • Look at what food you have on hand and create a grocery list that everyone can add items to;
  • Use flyers to compare prices of foods at different grocery stores;
  • Cook enough for more than one meal and use your leftovers the following day or freeze for later.

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Last updated: 2024-03-27