Healthy Snacks

A green snack plate with baby carrots, , sliced apple, almonds, and marble cheese.

Snacks can be a part of your healthy eating pattern. Many of us enjoy several meals and snacks each day. Over time you can develop healthy snack habits that make you feel good and support your health.

Healthy snacks support health and wellbeing as they: 

  • give you energy
  • provide important nutrients
  • satisfy your hunger between meals

When you take time to enjoy healthy snacks, it can provide opportunities for you to connect with others and explore new foods that you might not normally try.

Healthy snacks are also important for young children. They benefit from snacks in the same way as adults do. Children need snacks since they have small stomachs and may only eat a small amount of food at one time.

For information about feeding young children visit Feeding Your Baby and Healthy Eating for Children.

You can start to practice healthy snacking NOW!

They key is to plan ahead and choose a variety of healthy foods that are part of Canada’s Food Guide.

For more tips on how to practice healthy snacking and for healthy snack ideas for work, school, at home and on-the-go click here.

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Last updated: 2019-03-07