Eating Out, Making Healthy Choices

With busy lifestyles, people are buying more food and beverages that are prepared outside of the home from coffee shops, work or school cafeterias, vending machines, grocery stores and restaurants. Food from these types of establishments can be more expensive, highly processed and higher in sodium, sugar and saturated fat than food prepared at home.

Tips to choose healthier options when eating out:

  • Ask if nutritional information is available. You can often find this information directly on the menu, on posters, pamphlets or online on the restaurant’s website.
  • Find out how items are prepared and choose those that are baked, roasted, grilled or steamed instead of deep fried.
  • Choose options made with whole grains.
  • Choose snack or meal options that include vegetables.
  • Ask for sauces, dressings and condiments “on the side” so that you can decide the amount to use.
  • Limit cakes, cookies and rich desserts. If you do eat them, get a smaller size or share with someone.
  • Choose water as your drink of choice instead of sugary drink options. For more information and practical ideas, check out this website.
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Last updated: 2019-08-06