Creating a Healthy Workplace

Workplaces that promote healthy food choices provide an environment that makes the healthy choice the easier choice.

Providing healthy choices does not have to be complicated.  Take a look at what is currently offered at meetings, events or what’s available at your workplace.  Focus on one or two changes at a time.

The following guidelines can help:

  • Choose foods that are included in Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Limit food and beverages high in fat, sugar, or salt.

For fundraising in the office or the social committee, try:

  • Non-food fundraising ideas like 50/50 or tickets on a gift basket.
  • Healthy Food Fundraising ideas such as: chili or soup sale.

Another way to create a healthy workplace is to avoid competitions like the “Biggest Loser”. These competitions can lead to unhealthy behaviours such as restrictive eating and excessive exercise due to their focus on dieting and weight loss. When participants return to their usual habits, they will likely regain the weight they lost and often more, which can result in feelings of defeat and anxiety.

Instead, focus on healthy behaviours and support one another in the workplace by:

  • Participating in physical activity together;
  • Enjoying lunch and breaks with your colleagues; and/or
  • Attending social events at the office.
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Last updated: 2021-05-05