Cold Weather and Winter Clothing

Winter is a great time of the year to have fun in the great outdoors. However, to enjoy winter you must dress for the weather.

Here are some tips:

  • Wear clothes that are warm enough for the outside temperature. Exposure to the cold can be dangerous or even life-threatening.
  • Check the weather forecast and wind chill before going outside and keep your body well covered. Wear mittens/gloves, hats and waterproof boots that fit well to prevent frostnip or frostbite (freezing of the skin caused by long lasting exposure to cold).
  • Wear layers of winter clothing; several thin layers keep you warmer than one thick layer of clothing.
  • Wear windproof and waterproof outer layers and a hat to prevent heat loss from your head.
  • Remove wet clothing or footwear immediately. Hypothermia (body loses heat faster than it can produce leading to a low body temperature) can be caused by too little clothing and/or wet clothing.
  • Wear sunscreen, even in winter. The sun’s rays can still be harmful.

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Last updated: 2024-01-04