Prenatal Education

Prenatal education is a great way to prepare for the arrival of your baby. This is a time of joy and promise, questions and concerns, worry and wonder. The start of a new life: for you, your baby and your family.

Remember that your pregnancy is special and personal. No two pregnancies are the same and half are unplanned. Your experience will be different from the ones you read about and different from those of your family and friends. Think about what you read and hear. The nine months of your pregnancy will be nine months of changes.

Enjoy discovering your changing body and growing baby.

While your baby is growing inside, you’ll be changing too:

  • Your uterus will get larger as your baby grows.
  • Your body will increase its blood supply to carry food and oxygen to your baby.
  • Your breasts will get ready to produce milk for breastfeeding.
  • You’ll be preparing emotionally, and your family will be getting ready to welcome a new member.

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Last updated: 2024-02-20